Friday, December 10, 2010

Date Still Unknown

I don't know how long it's been since I last wrote. The days all blur together since I have no reference to the passage of time. All I know is that I've been injected, knocked out, and awakened here in this cell several times since I last wrote.

I don't know what they're doing to me, or why. I don't know why I'm being held, or who is holding me. I see the same person every time, in that unknown military uniform. He has no distinguishing features. No hair to speak of, no scars, no tattoos... He never speaks. All I know is that his eyes are brown, and very cold. They show no emotion at all, not even hatred. Which is what I think they should show, for some reason...

They continue to feed me well, give me clean clothes and clean sheets. I have soap to wash up with, and clean towels to dry myself. Tooth brush and paste... But there is no stimulation. Nothing to look at but this gray cell and it's stainless steel fixtures. No light, other than artificial. Constant temperature, I guess around 68 degrees, which leads me to believe I'm under ground. It is slightly damp here.

I hear no sounds. No doors opening and closing, no voices, no air handlers... Only the sound of water running through pipes when I turn on the sink or flush the toilet. At no other time do I hear the water running. I only hear the footsteps of the soldier coming for me, and the door opening. It's really confounding. Disturbing. And worrisome.

What do they want? Why do they keep me here, isolated and alone? Nevermind what they're doing to me, those are the questions that haunt me.

Now it's time to go, I hear footsteps...