Friday, December 10, 2010

Date Still Unknown

I don't know how long it's been since I last wrote. The days all blur together since I have no reference to the passage of time. All I know is that I've been injected, knocked out, and awakened here in this cell several times since I last wrote.

I don't know what they're doing to me, or why. I don't know why I'm being held, or who is holding me. I see the same person every time, in that unknown military uniform. He has no distinguishing features. No hair to speak of, no scars, no tattoos... He never speaks. All I know is that his eyes are brown, and very cold. They show no emotion at all, not even hatred. Which is what I think they should show, for some reason...

They continue to feed me well, give me clean clothes and clean sheets. I have soap to wash up with, and clean towels to dry myself. Tooth brush and paste... But there is no stimulation. Nothing to look at but this gray cell and it's stainless steel fixtures. No light, other than artificial. Constant temperature, I guess around 68 degrees, which leads me to believe I'm under ground. It is slightly damp here.

I hear no sounds. No doors opening and closing, no voices, no air handlers... Only the sound of water running through pipes when I turn on the sink or flush the toilet. At no other time do I hear the water running. I only hear the footsteps of the soldier coming for me, and the door opening. It's really confounding. Disturbing. And worrisome.

What do they want? Why do they keep me here, isolated and alone? Nevermind what they're doing to me, those are the questions that haunt me.

Now it's time to go, I hear footsteps... 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Date Unknown

I don't know what time it is either, they took my watch. But for some inexplicable reason, they gave me my journal and a pen. Perhaps they want to read my thoughts when they come for me later.

I don't know where I am. It's a cell of sorts... Maybe 10 by 10... There's a cot, a toilet, a sink, and not much else. I do know there is a camera in the vent, and probably a microphone. 

I woke up in this cell. The last thing I remember was the Humvee approaching, then nothing. I guess I let my guard down, my desire to interact with another human being overwhelmed my survival instinct. And now I find myself a prisoner... I don't know what they're doing to me. Someone comes through the door, dressed in a military uniform, but with insignia which I don't recognize. They knock me out with an injection, not saying a word. Then I wake up, back in this cell. I don't know how much time passes. There are no windows. Can't even feel the walls warm up in the afternoon sun, could be underground for all I know. 

They do feed me, rather well in fact. But they mix up the meals (or so I think) in an effort to confuse me. I'll get a steak dinner, followed by a sandwich, then pancakes and sausage. Or any combination in between. Some days I get "lunch" three times. Or two breakfasts and a dinner. Or it could be that they've knocked me out again and that's just how I remember it...

I have not been beaten. "Studied" is more like it. When I wake in my cell, I usually have multiple needle marks on my arms and legs. But they do not speak to me, nor I to them. It's the same uniformed man who enters my cell each time; I've seen no one else. I've seen no where else... As far as I can tell, it's been three weeks that I've been here. I really don't know for sure, time has no meaning when you can't see the sun.

As best as I can figure, they want to know how I survived the disease. Maybe they think they can make a cure. Or maybe they want to prevent it. I have no way to know, but given the secrecy around here, I'd say it's the latter. I don't know anything beyond that, except for how I intended to finish my last entry, which was "so I'll put this aside for now." 

The sentence I didn't get to finish before the dart struck my arm. It came from behind me. The Humvee was a distraction. Damn my trusting nature... Hopefully this is not my last entry, and hopefully I find out what's going on. If not, I hope this journal winds up in somebody's hands, somebody who will pass on my story to someone else who survived. Who is free...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

April 8, 2012

6:30 A.M. I was up early, anticipating my shadow's arrival. In fact, I can hear them coming now... Took a peak through the binoculars. Hard to make out in the early morning light, but it looks like a military Humvee. That makes me a bit nervous, but if they wanted to take me out, they could have done so many times over... Yes, it's definitely a Humvee. They're approaching slowly, in a non-threatening way. Still, I put my hand on my sidearm, just to make sure it's still there. My rifle is beside me.

I scanned around, nothing but the Humvee approaching. They're about a hundred yards away now, so I'll put thi

Monday, November 15, 2010

April 7, 2012

6:00 A.M. What a beautiful morning! The sun is rising over the mist amongst the trees, squirrels are chattering, and the rest of the four legged critters are stretching and yawning. I've got some spam sizzling in the frying pan, and biscuits in the oven. A little gravy from a pouch, and I got me some breakfast. Once that's done with and cleaned up, it's road time for me again. meanwhile, I'll be sitting in the camp chair outside, sopping up the gravy with some biscuits, and scarfing down some spam "bacon". Life is good, and I'll be ready to attack the day...

11:30 A.M. Stopped for some lunch. A can of ravioli and some beef jerky. Found a screw in one of the trailer tires on my walk-down, so I pulled it out and plugged the hole. Otherwise, everything looks sound. Onward...

5:30 P.M. Covered lots of ground today. The rolling hills and piney woods have passed me by, giving me a sense of calm and serenity like I've never felt before. Stopped for dinner and the night at a roadside park again. Got some beef stew simmering in the pot, and a glass of coke and rum going.

I am amazed at the progress I made today; the roads were fairly clear. Nothing much got in my way, and I ever once had to slip the truck into four wheel drive. This camping spot presented it's self with relatively little effort on my part. So now I am simply hanging out, with a full belly and a cold drink.

9:15 P.M. I saw a flicker of light of light not too far away, headed in this general direction. I flashed my light a couple times, to guide my shadow toward me. My .45 is holstered on my belt, and my 12 guage lies across my lap. But I'm not afraid, because I know the shadow is coming. I know it's been closing in ever so slowly. I'm ready for it... Hell, I welcome it. One way or the other, I've got to know who my shadow is, and what they want. It will be a meeting which was a long time coming. I'm ready...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

April 6, 2012

6:30 A.M. Just finished with breakfast. I'm sitting outside right now, enjoying the cool morning for a bit before I go. It's funny, I feel a little more at ease knowing my shadow is out there. I'm waving at them now, because I know they're watching. Good morning shadow! Glad you are there. Well, I'm off. Don't want to keep them waiting...

11:30 A.M. Stopped for lunch. It's been fairly easy going now that I'm clear of the city. I've not seen a single sign of my shadow, they are very good at keeping hidden. But I know they are there. Somewhere, not too far off, they are there. They've stopped as well, to have a rest, and not get too far ahead of me. I wonder what they're having for lunch? Me, I'm having can of beef-a-roni. I don't even bother to heat the stuff up anymore, kinda makes me feel like Mad Max. At least it's not dog food, ha ha. Saddle up shadow, time to get moving.

3:00 P.M. Found a little country store that was fairly intact. Found some mayonnaise, ketchup, and salsa that haven't expired yet. Haven't had that stuff in a long while. I also picked up some lubricants, salt, pepper, and other spices. Got some batteries, and hygiene items. A bunch of beef jerky. But the best score was found in the store room out back. Sealed buckets of flour, grain, and a hand grinder. Yeast. Canned butter. I haven't had bread in so long now, but I can smell it baking. I can taste it. I think I'm going to camp right here and bake me some bread!

5:00 P.M. Ohhhhh the smell is wonderful.... I cut a slice, buttered it up.... Yeah.... Found some gallon size freezer bags in the store as well, so the bread will go in them to keep it fresh. Got some more canned ham there, and dill relish. Tomorrow for lunch I'll make ham salad sandwiches. Man, I haven't had a sandwich in months! What a treat that will be.

Heated up some beef stew for dinner, for no other reason than to sop up the gravy with another slice of bread. I left the trailer windows open, hoping that wonderful smell might draw in my shadow. No dice. Oh well, I'm going to pour me some bourbon and light up one of the cigars I found in the humidor in that back room. I'll drink a toast to my shadow, and enjoy this full feeling that can only come from fresh baked bread!

8:30 P.M. Lit me a nice fire. There is nothing better than relaxing by a fire with a glass of bourbon on ice and a good cigar. Sure wish the shadow would come down to join me, seems a shame to enjoy all this alone. But I saw them, maybe a quarter mile away. It was nothing more than a careless sweep of a flashlight across a pane of glass, but that quick flash caught my eye, even through the fire. If I had a bullhorn I'd invite them over for a cocktail! Oh well, maybe next time. They are coming closer. Before they'd keep a mile away. Then a half. Now they're a quarter. Maybe soon we'll finally meet. Guess it was a good call on my part not to go looking for them anymore, as it seems they are now comfortable coming in closer. Maybe in a few days they'll make contact. Which could be good, or could be bad. Don't know, but either way I'd like to see them just for curiosity's sake. Anyway, good night shadow, see you tomorrow...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

April 5, 2012

6:00 A.M. Just finished breakfast and headed outside for a look around. All dark and quiet. I'll be heading out shortly, and I'm not stopping until Birmingham is behind me. This is likely to be a long day...

9:30 A.M. Three hours, five detours, and a flat tire later, I've covered a whopping twelve miles. The right front on the truck picked up a piece of metal, in the sidewall of course. Put the spare on, which was very low on air (naturally). The little 12 volt compressor which was in the camper when I found it is slowly chugging away, but filling a 16 inch tire to 70 PSI is going to take a while. Meanwhile, I spied a similar truck about 100 yards up the road so I think I'll go rob it of it's spare.

10:00 A.M. Spare tire retrieved. I also took a nice hydraulic floor jack from the back of that truck, much better than the crappy little bottle jack I had to use just now. That thing is dangerous... My shadow is keeping well hidden, I've seen neither hide nor hair of them. But I know they're there, I can feel them watching me. Well, daylight's wasting.

1:30 P.M. Had to stop. The road is completely blocked by a pileup of vehicles, and there's no way for me to get around. Looks like I'll have to drop the trailer and break out the chains...

3:00 P.M. After a broken tow chain, lots of tire smoking in four wheel drive, a great many profanities, and a lot of sweat, I finally managed to clear a hole just big enough to squeeze through. Please excuse the grimy fingerprints on this page, but I am too lazy to wash my hands. Just needed to sit for a minute before I push on.

7:00 P.M. I am finally on the other side of Birmingham. What a day... I've been travelling with my headlights on for the last hour, but I've seen no lights from my shadow. Anyway, it's another truck stop for the night. I'll need to refuel in the morning after today's high fuel consumption activities which left me with only 1/4 tank. But now, refueling myself takes priority.

8:00 P.M. Belly full and I'm sitting outside, waiting to see a sign from my shadow. Got a nice little camp fire going, and I'm relaxing with some bourbon and soda. What the hell, there's a soda delivery truck across from me. Threw a couple cases in the back of my truck

The next big city is Atlanta. There is no way in hell I'm going anywhere near that place, not after today's adventures. It would take me a week to get through there... Haven't decided whether to bypass it to the north or south, though I am leaning toward south. Don't want to go to Florida, but I think I'll keep my southern route until I hit the coast, then turn north. I wonder how far my shadow is willing to go? Guess I'll find out. 

9:45 P.M. No lights. Maybe they're being a little more careful? Or maybe they're just toying with me. Maybe they want me to think they've broken off the chase. But I'm not fooled, I know they're out there. It's a feeling, that one you get when you know you're being watched. Watched I am. Just waved to them. Good night shadow!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

April 4, 2012

5:00 A.M. Another early morning, I've been up for an hour. Just sitting here in the dark and watching. Nothing to see but the occasional shooting star. Might as well open a can of breakfast...

6:30 A.M. I went for a stroll. Climbed up on a highway overpass for a better view. I didn't see a light, but I did see a glow, about a half mile away. There is something out there, and I am going to find it.

3:30 P.M. I set out this morning on foot with my rifle, .45, and binoculars. Crossed the highway and headed into the woods toward the glow I saw from the bridge. Once again, the area was oddly clear of any kind of tracks or disturbance. It was "too clean". I searched around for hours and found nothing. Again. So I headed back to the trailer via the "scenic route", hoping to find something. I got back to the trailer and flopped down in my camp chair. Sat there for a good half hour, just kind of dozing. I got up and went inside for some water. While filling my glass, I noticed something. I had left the can opener on the counter by the sink this morning, and for some reason I remembered it was just a few degrees from being parallel with the sink. It is now exactly parallel. Looking around, I then found two of those tiny, sticky little grass seeds on the floor up front. I haven't been up front since I came back. Those seeds are fresh and green. Someone's been in here...

I've decided to keep moving. Whoever it is that's been moving along with me doesn't seem to be bothered by the fact that I know they're around. I've searched for them twice, they know I'm aware of them. Maybe they want me to be.

6:45 P.M. It's been slow going through the tangle of vehicles in the city. I've only gone 10 miles in the last 3 hours. The parking lot of a burned out strip mall is my camp site tonight. This place looks like Atilla the Hun swept through, destruction everywhere. The riots must have been massive...

8:00 P.M. There it is, a light, about a half mile away. Just briefly. Almost as if they want me to know they're nearby, whoever it is. Like they're taunting me. Maybe they are. They want me to know they're around, but they don't want to be found. They came to find out about me while I was gone, but went through great pains to hide the fact. Or maybe they were testing my powers of observation. Maybe they moved the can opener on purpose. Maybe they planted the grass seeds where I would find them. Or maybe they just got sloppy. Ugh... I think I liked it better when I was alone.

9:30 P.M. I can feel them out there. I can feel their eyes upon me. They are watching me, right now. Why? Why on earth would they follow me like this? Are they alone too? Is there more than one? Why won't they make contact? I don't understand. I can't imagine why, when everyone else is dead, a person wouldn't run with open arms to another living soul. It's beyond comprehension. Are they waiting for a sign or a signal? There, I just flashed the lights on the truck. There's your signal.

From now on, I will not try to find whoever is out there. I will show no signs of aggression, but simply continue on my journey. Maybe that will draw them in. I hope...

Friday, October 15, 2010

April 3, 2012

4:00 A.M. I've been up all night, trying to find some clue or trace of the light's source. And I got nothing... No tracks, no broken branches, not a blade of grass out of place. Back at the camper now, maybe I'll try to sleep a little.

6:30 A.M. All I managed to do was toss and turn for 2 hours. Kept looking out the window for the light. Never saw it though... So I got up and have breakfast cooking. I would call it an omelette, but I think that's giving it too much credit, ha ha. Powdered eggs, thin sliced Spam "bacon", and some sauteed mixed veggies from a can. I'm so glad I found a few jars of picante sauce at the store yesterday, it'll help me choke this down...

11:00 A.M. Managed to cover 45 miles since I rolled out this morning. I'm nearing Birmingham, and the roads are starting to become more cluttered with derelict vehicles. Even the side roads. It's not like I'm on a schedule or anything, but I do like to cover some ground. And now this light thing has me wanting to keep my head on a swivel, rather than watching the road for the next obstacle. Anyway, my sleepless night is catching up to me, so I think I'll take a nap for a bit.

2:30 P.M. Woke up hungry. I want to get rolling, so I ate a can of ravioli. Didn't even bother to heat it up. A couple jerky sticks for the road, and I'm gone.

3:50 P.M. I topped a little rise, and as a small valley opened up below, a flash caught my eye. Like sunlight reflecting off of glass. I stopped and got out of the truck for a better look. Saw it one more time, maybe a mile away. Whatever it was, it was definitely in motion. I'm beginning to think I have a shadow, one which is always just a little bit ahead of me. I'm beginning to think I'm not alone after all. Which makes me wonder, if someone is shadowing me, why don't they want to make contact? Are they trying to determine if I'd be hostile or not? Or infectious? Or something else...

6:30 P.M. Pulled into a truck stop on the edge of Birmingham. As good a place as any I suppose. Here I can top off my fuel for tomorrow, which will likely be a long day winding my way through the mess of a big city. Dinner in a can awaits, then it's time to go on watch for the light.

8:45 P.M. It's really odd, being in a city, yet it's dark as pitch. I can hear dogs barking all around, and fighting. Got my .45 and my shotgun handy, along with a few boxes of buck shot. So far I've seen nothing, and the dogs seem to be keeping their distance. Interestingly, it's only big dogs I hear. No small yappers. Guess the little guys became chow for the big 'uns. They always said life in the city was "dog eat dog", ha ha ha. Yeah, I know. That wasn't very funny. But a little gallows humor never killed anyone. Ha, I did it again...

10:30 P.M. Still no light. Has me wondering if whoever it is knows they've been spotted and are being more careful, or maybe they broke off the chase. Or if I even saw the lights at all... I know I did. I know for sure I did. And I saw that something shiny in motion today. I saw them for sure.

11:45 P.M. Dammit, no light. Nothing at all. I can barely keep my eyes open now, so I guess I'm off to bed. Tomorrow will be a tough one... 

Monday, October 11, 2010

April 2, 2012

6:30 A.M. Powdered eggs and a can of hash for breakfast, yum yum... I'm going to leave today, no point in hanging around chasing lights. Though I know that strange feeling from the hill top will linger, and nag the hell out of me. Anyway, I'm off.

10:45 A.M. Stopped in a little town. Oddly, it seems as if nothing happened here. The grass is overgrown, but otherwise nothing looks disturbed. For the first time, I had to break in to a small grocery store, and it was fully stocked. The stench of rotted meat and produce was almost unbearable, but I made several "mad dash" raids on the canned food aisle. It was worth the heaving and watering eyes, because I now have at least three months' worth of canned goodies, and a ton of dry beans. Got some beef jerky too. I would have scored some rice and pasta as well, but the bugs beat me to it. Oh well, I've got plenty. As a bonus, I got a bunch of salt, spices, and cooking oil. Some toilet paper, paper towels, a few utensils, various soaps, and cleaning supplies rounded out the booty. My cupboards overfloweth...

Decided to eat since I stopped. Had me a nice early lunch of canned ham, dill pickles, and Vienna sausages. Hoo boy, I sure hope I can find some game for supper. Otherwise, it'll be some other canned conglomeration. Guess I shouldn't complain to much, all this canned bounty makes it possible for me to keep travelling.

Since I was here, I broke in and raided a doctor's office and scored some medical supplies. I also hit the hardware store for a few things. And the auto parts store. Pardon me while I change the oil and filter on the truck...

5:30 P.M. Stopped at a highway rest area for the night. After supper, I'll fill my diesel tanks from one of the semi trucks here. Looks like supper will be from cans again, but that's okay. The only critter I've seen was a skunk, and I'm not too keen on eating skunk. I'm thinking beef stew with a side of mixed veggies, with cherry pie filling for desert. Man, I'd kill for some fresh biscuits or bread to go along with it!

7:30 P.M. Diesel tanks are full, as is my belly. I gathered up some wood for a fire and broke out the camp chair. As luck would have it, I found some nice cigars in a motorhome parked here, as well as a bottle of good whiskey. Tonight will be enjoyable! I'm off to start the fire.

9:15 P.M. The fire is crackling, a cigar is smoking, and I've got a glass of fine whiskey and ice in my hand. Life is good. Except for the ever present lack of companionship... I tried to get a dog to come to me a few minutes ago, but I had to shoot him. He lunged at me, and I unloaded my .357 into him. How quickly the dogs have reverted to their instincts... That's to be expected I suppose, survival above all else. Maybe I can tame one? They're not that far gone. It sure would be nice to have a companion...

10:20 P.M. There it is again! A light, off in the distance. For a fleeting moment I saw it! Maybe a mile or two off to the north of me... I'm dropping the camper.

12:30 A.M. I've scoured the countryside and seen nothing. Dammit, nothing! I drove in the direction of the light, and all around. Covered a lot of ground, and saw no sign of anything. I'm beginning to think I'm losing my mind! No tracks, no sounds, but I KNOW I saw that light!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

April 1, 2012

5:30 A.M. Something woke me a half hour ago. Not a noise or anything, I just woke and sat bolt upright. I threw my pants, boots, and jacket on quickly then headed outside. Everything was quiet. I looked all around and saw nothing unusual. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a flicker of light through the trees, far off. I stared at that spot, hoping to see it again. I did see it again, up high, and to the right of where it had been. Haven't seen it since, but I am going to drop the trailer to go investigate.

7:00 A.M. I'm about 40 miles from camp in the direction I last saw the light. If my observation was correct, the light came from the hilltop I'm currently standing on. There's nothing here...

8:30 A.M. I've covered every inch of this hilltop. Nothing. A very odd nothing. Not a single track of any kind. The soil is somewhat soft on the surface, the trees are pretty thick here, and the hill is surrounded by woods. There should be animal tracks around here. I'm going to have a look in the woods around the hill.

10:00 A.M. There were animal tracks in the surrounding woods. Deer, dogs... But nothing else. Something seems odd about that hilltop. I don't know, maybe my imagination is getting the best of me. But I swear I saw that light, and I'm pretty damn sure the hill is where it came from.

12:45 P.M. I'm back at the camper. Just finished up a quick lunch. Haven't decided if I'm going to hit the road or not, I think I'd like to stay tonight to see if I can spot the light again. In the mean time, I'm going to explore a bit, then cook the rest of that venison.

3:30 P.M. I crossed the creek on foot and wandered around through the woods. Came across a small cabin. Not much there, but I did score a cast iron frying pan and a dutch oven. A little cleanup and seasoning and they'll be good. Pretty country here, everything is waking up for spring. Lots of tall pines and hardwoods, and plenty of game around. I wouldn't mind staying here. If I decide to settle somewhere I might come back here. It's a nice little cabin...

6:00 P.M. Just finished off the venison (man was that delicious) and cleaned up. Now I'll break out my camp chair and binoculars, and wait... 

9:00 P.M. Nothing. Not a glint, not a glimmer. I would chalk it up to "seeing things" were it not for the creeped out feeling I got from that hilltop. It just wasn't.... right. A gut feeling. My gut has never steered me wrong, so I listen to it.

11:00 P.M. Still nothing. I've been scanning all around, but the only thing I've seen has been a couple rabbits. It's late, I'm tired, and I think I'll call it a day...

Friday, August 20, 2010

March 31, 2012

6:00 A.M. It's dead still and quiet this morning. I actually tip-toed outside so as not to break the silence, but the crunch of twigs and pine needles rang out like a siren. It was so serene that I just sat there in my camp chair and took in the nothingness.

Once the light broke through the trees, I picked up my shotgun and went "shopping". Headed to the office first. There I found a 5 gallon water jug, still sealed, so I humped it back to the trailer, then went back for more. Picked up a box of ink pens, a legal pad, and a notebook. This one is only half way filled, but I suppose I'll need another at some point. Writing here helps keep my thoughts in order, and honestly, it keeps me sane. You know, I just realized I've not spoken a word in weeks! I just said "hello" to make sure I can still talk.

Most of the stuff in the office was useless to me, being, well, office supplies... Paper clips and stale coffee are not on the list, so I moved on to the campers. Picked up a nice fire poker, and a "hot dog" spear for cooking over a fire. Got some long matches, and fire starter bricks. A sweet set of rain gear. And the cream of the crop, a .45 semi auto, holster, three loaded magazines, and five boxes of hollowpoint ammo. Much nicer to carry than the shotgun or a rifle, yet still packs a wallop. Time to get on the road...

1:15 P.M. I was making such good time I didn't want to stop, but my stomach got the best of me. Actually got up to 45 MPH! That's the fastest speed of the whole trip so far. Had me some lunch, and topped off the diesel tank from an 18 wheeler. I should be near the Alabama border, and beyond it by this evening. When I hit the coast, I suppose I will head north. No particular reason behind that, other than this truck won't float. Though I could have my choice of boat if I so desired.

4:30 P.M. Stopped early today, because I'd really like to eat something that didn't come from a can. I parked at a roadside picnic area near some woods and a creek, so finding some chow on the hoof should be fairly easy. Of course, I remember the saying about "famous last words"...

6:45 P.M. Success! I brought down a small doe who came to the creek for a drink. Cut her tenderloins and back strap to cook up tonight. Felt bad leaving all that meat, but there's no way I can preserve it all. Not while travelling. The dogs, or other wildlife will have a good feed when they find her. Nature lets nothing go to waste.

9:00 P.M. Sitting here by the fire light, still feeling warm and satisfied all over from such a delectable meal. I couldn't eat it all, so I wrapped the leftovers in plastic wrap for breakfast tomorrow. The refrigerator in the trailer still works on propane, which is great. So long as I can find propane... It doesn't use much, nor does my cooking. Don't use the heater, my sleeping bag is plenty warm. Besides, the heater won't work without the fan, and the fan would run the battery down in a hurry. The truck charges it as I drive each day, but the heater fan just draws too much juice. Something I need to consider come winter. But it's spring now, the weather is moderate (though a lot cooler at night up this way than I'm used to), and I've got plenty of options when the time comes.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

March 30,2012

11:30 A.M. Woke up with a throbbing head. Serves me right I guess for finishing off that bottle. So I just grabbed some cereal bars and got rolling. I'm about 100 miles from the river now, made pretty good time on the side roads. My outlook has improved over yesterday, just a bad day I guess. Not my first, and I'm sure it won't be my last. Anyway, time for a quick bite, then get on the move again.

2:15 P.M. I had to stop. Up in the sky, I see what looks like a jet trail! It's very high up, higher than airliners used to fly. A military aircraft maybe? I don't know. Maybe they had a plane stored somewhere that it would be protected from the CME that fried everything? Or maybe some part of the world was not effected? Or it could be a meteor I guess. Or some space junk reentering the atmosphere. Maybe I'm reading too much into it. I won't know unless I keep going...

6:30 P.M. Found a nice campground to stay at tonight. It's small, and tucked up in the pine trees. Looks like it was a peaceful place to stay once, but it's a bit overgrown now. It will serve.

I don't know why, but I pulled out the awning and broke out a camp chair to sit in while my dinner warms. Maybe I wanted to feel like I'm actually camping out, just for the hell of it. Either way, it's rather pleasant. There's a bit of a breeze blowing through the trees, squirrels are running around all over, and a skunk waddled by, thankfully at a respectable distance. A mischievous looking raccoon is eyeballing me from atop a picnic table across the road. But there's something missing. No chirping and chattering of birds. This place should be loaded with birds, yet I've not heard or seen a single one. It's eerie. Were it not for the other critters out and about, I'd think there was a predator of some sort nearby. Or maybe a major storm approaching. There's no sign of either.

Which sets my mind to wondering... I've heard of "bird flu" before. Could that be what happened? Could some kind of "super bug" have gotten loose when the lights went out? Was it carried by birds and spread to humans? And what makes me immune to it, but nobody else? Surely it's impossible for one single person to be immune. There must be others! There has to be. Somewhere there has to be. Supper's ready...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

March 29, 2012

6:00 A.M. Up early again, breakfast is already done. Something simple, me still being full from last night. Today I cross the bridge into Mississippi, for whatever that's worth. I don't expect to see anything different, really. My attitude is bad this morning, and I'm angry in general. That's how I feel, and there's not much I can do about it. Maybe I could read a "self help" book by Dr. Phil, but right now all I want to do is piss on Dr. Phil's corpse. He's got no clue what I've gone through, and am still going through. I'm going to end this now, because I'm getting too worked up...

11:30 A.M. Crossed the bridge without incident. My bad attitude persists. Don't know why, I just can't shake it. Made it to a little town, and I hoped to find some grub, but the store was wiped clean. It's pissing me off that food was wasted on the dead, or gathered up somewhere by a bunch of self righteous bastards to be passed out in some rationing scheme. Yes, I've got enough for a good long while, but I'm still angry. I'm livid at the tin pot dictators that decided to take it upon themselves to decide who was "worthy" of being fed and who was not. Again, I end this, because this anger is doing me no good.

3:00 P.M. The going has been pretty easy by comparison, but I'm just tired. It's time to stop for a while, and collect myself. Time to decide what I'm really doing, and why. Time to decide if it's worth it...

I honestly don't know. If it's just me, then what the hell is the point? Why bother? If I live another 30 years by myself, what have I proved? What have I gained? Ah dammit, I'm gonna drain that bottle of booze I found and take myself away. I'm just not in the mood to be alone today. It's driving me nuts...

Friday, August 6, 2010

March 28, 2012

12:00 P.M. Got an early start this morning to make up some time. Not that time really matters I guess, but in the back of my mind I'm hoping I might "outrun" the disease and find someone alive out there. The heavily decomposed bodies say otherwise, but I still hold on to that little bit of hope. Hope that I'm not the only one...

The truck is running really well, and has the bonus of dual fuel tanks. I will only run one down at a time, and switch to the other when the empty is filled again. I picked up a barrel pump at the farm where I found this truck, which will make filling up much easier for me. Just tested it out on an 18 wheeler and it worked very well. Both my tanks are full, as are my portable containers. My fuel mileage seems to be a little less than the Blazer, but that's understandable, this being a much bigger, heavier truck. Not that it matters much, there's an 18 wheeler full of diesel every hundred yards it seems along the interstate. One reason why I'm following them.

I stopped at a highway rest area, always a prime refueling spot, there being several big trucks at every one I find. They are also excellent places to find any gear I might need, being filled with vehicles packed for travel. The further east I go, the more vehicles are in the rest stops. More folks were on the road in the eastern time zone when the solar flare hit, and left them stranded. Which makes me wonder if I should have gone west instead...

I've come this far, so I will keep heading east. Doesn't really matter much at this point I suppose. Maybe going west would be a little harder, the population being less dense, so less traffic on the roads. Less fuel and supplies for me. But maybe folks escaped the effects out west? Sure wish I had a radio that worked, that might answer my questions. For now, eastward it is. And lunch time.

3:00 P.M. I reached the Mississippi river. The I-20 bridge is a mess... Don't know why, but the bridges always seem to be jammed up. Looks like I'll need to drop the trailer and put the winch to work.

7:30 P.M. The winch got a real workout. So did the big dozer I found! It's an older model, no electronics. After a few shots of ether I found in the truck that was towing the dozer, it came to life and made short work of clearing a path. Tonight I'll camp here at the base of the bridge and head over tomorrow. It looked like a lot of vehicles lost power going up the bridge, and started rolling back down, crashing into each other. The "downhill" side was the same near the bottom. People panicked I guess, and without power steering or brakes, they didn't know what to do. Somebody in an older vehicle shoved his way through, there are tire marks, traded paint, and crumpled body panels on the bottom half. He just shoved his way between cars and floored it. Lots of door mirrors on the pavement, and pieces of trim. Even a few bumpers. That guy really wanted to get out of there.

I've got fresh pork for dinner tonight! Just as I was parking, a small group of feral hogs came busting out of the brush near the river. I ran to the trailer, grabbed my scoped 30.06, and took a piglet down from 150 yards. No sooner did I drop that pig then a pack of six dogs came right on their heels. Took out the dogs as well as they converged on my kill. I'm writing this as that piglet roasts over a crackling fire. The smell is wonderful! I think a can of baked beans will complement the meal nicely, so I'm off for the beans and a pot.

9:00 P.M. Oohhhh, I ate too much. It was so good I just couldn't stop. But it feels good too, having an overstuffed gut full of fresh meat. It's also nice to sit here next to the fire "digesting". The only thing missing is music. I really miss music. And companionship...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

March 27, 2012

6:00 A.M. It's cereal bars for breakfast this morning, because I need to get going. The John Deere would serve my purposes, but I'd much rather find something a little more "enclosed". The pop up camper was comfortable, though the sound insulation leaves a little to be desired. Every howl, every bark woke me up throughout the night. I slept with my shotgun in my arms...

10:30 A.M. I might have found a candidate. It's an older crew cab 4x4 that looks to be in pretty good shape. Good tires, a winch, and a solid hitch. Time to go to work.

12:30 P.M. After charging up the batteries with the tractor, she fired right up. All the belts and hoses look good, no major leaks anywhere, and a standard transmission. Perfect. So long John Deere, and thanks.

7:00 P.M. Made it back to the trailer. I tried out the winch on the Blazer after I unhitched the camper. Works like a charm. After transferring all my gear into the truck, I hitched up to the camper and pulled it a few miles while watching all the gauges, and everything looks good. Found a cozy little picnic area beside the road and decided to stay here for the night.

On my way back with the "new" truck, I noticed more dead birds. I've also realized that I haven't heard too many singing in the mornings the last week. It just struck me that maybe the birds are carrying the disease that killed everyone. Maybe it's some mutated bird flu. I sure wish I knew. And I wish I knew why it hasn't killed me. Or any other animals. I wish I knew if it will kill me yet...

8:30 P.M. There's a pond behind the picnic area here, and I saw fish jumping. Fresh fish sounded wonderful after eating packaged crap the last couple days. There are a couple rods and reels in the camper, so I decided to make good use of them. Caught two beautiful catfish, cleaned them, and fried 'em up in some cornmeal that was in the camper (along with the oil). Absolutely delicious! Sure wish I had some hush puppies and 'slaw to go with the fish, but no such luck. That's okay, the fish was good enough, along with some canned green beans.

Well I found a new truck, I'm back in my camper, and I've got a belly full of fresh fish. Should sleep really good tonight.

Friday, July 30, 2010

March 26, 2012

11:15 A.M. I was up at 4 this morning, so I whipped up a quick breakfast and got rolling. All was well until 15 minutes ago. The transmission gave up the ghost... It shuddered then died spectacularly in a cloud of smoke. I shut the engine off, hopped out, and stepped right into a pool of transmission fluid. Great...

So I'm making up a pack with some food, water, extra clothes, some tools, ammunition, a good knife, etc. Basically the pack I started off with when I left home, now with the addition of two pens and this journal. The mission is to find a new ride. I'm near a small town, pretty rural, so I've got high hopes that I can at least find a tractor or something non-electronic.

1:30 P.M. Just my luck, the first tractor I found is gas powered, and the gas is bad. There is some gas that seems to be okay stored in the shed here, but I don't think I should waste any time messing with this thing. However, I did score a bicycle. Onward....

3:15 P.M. Things are looking up, I just traded the bicycle in on a John Deere. It's even got a full tank of diesel. Only cost me four rounds of buckshot to dispatch three rather aggressive dogs I encountered along the way. Seems they enjoy chasing bicycles as much as cars. Hopefully they don't like chasing Deere.

5:30 P.M. I think the bicycle might have been faster. The tractor will do 20 MPH, but not without bucking like a bull on this lumpy road. Anyway, I reached a small town, and I'm cruising the streets in search of a suitable replacement for the Blazer. Whether I find something or not, it looks like I'm spending the night here because I can't make it back to the trailer before dark. So I'm also scouting for a camp site...

7:30 P.M. No luck on a vehicle yet, but I did find a pop up camper to spend the night in. I could have picked a house to stay in, but that would give me the heebie-jeebies, staying in someone else's house. Always has. Does now more than ever, knowing the owners of that house are dead. It would probably take a few houses before I found one where those now dead owners aren't still at home... I'll take the camper.

Started a nice fire, and in a minute I'll toss my can of beef stew in the pot to heat up. Meanwhile I'm happily chewing on some venison (I think) jerky that my tractor donor also provided. Along with half a bottle of whiskey. Just a few sips to calm my nerves. Oddly enough, I'm "homesick" for my camper, and a bit out of sorts, having left it behind. I guess it has become my home now, so I miss it. All my stuff is there, and it feels, I don't know, "familiar" I guess. It's like my little rolling oasis. And now I'm rambling, maybe I should have stopped at one sip...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

March 25, 2012

I woke up in the middle of the night, for no apparent reason. Just couldn't sleep. So I grabbed my shotgun and went for a walk. Probably not the best idea, going out in the dark, but I couldn't stand just sitting in that camper. As I walked the streets of the residential neighborhood, I came across a small herd of deer happily grazing in the overgrown yards. They looked up at me, and I stopped. They just eyeballed me for a minute, then went back to their grazing. Once in a while, one would pop it's head up and look at me, but they didn't seem too concerned by my presence. I was captivated for some reason, and I watched them for almost half an hour.

Made my way back to the camper as the first light of dawn broke, and I just finished up my breakfast. Time to go...

11:30 A.M. Stopped for a bite to eat. I'm headed east again, along Interstate 20. The "traffic" of dead vehicles isn't too bad, and I'm able to make some time. I even got up to 50 MPH for 15 minutes or so before I had to slow down and weave my way through another cluster of vehicles. That's a big deal seeing as how I average maybe 30 MPH if I'm lucky. A 200 mile day is something to celebrate. I might break that today if my luck holds out, so I'm going to get moving.

6:15 P.M. So much for my 200 mile day... A jacknifed semi and a jumble of cars took care of that. There was no way around that mess, so I had to back track six miles to the nearest exit. I'm on a two lane that parallels the highway now. Two lanes are great because the "traffic" is less, but when there is something blocking the road, it's harder to get around. Sometimes impossible.

I'm in a gravel driveway this evening, chosen because the ground is pretty wet, and it looks like rain again. The driveway leads back to a fair sized house back in the pine trees. Thought about going through the place for supplies, but I don't really have much room, nor any real need for anything at the moment. That's the only good thing about all this, whatever I need is pretty much just laying around. All I have to do is go pick it up. For now anyways. For years, really. All that canned and freeze dried food is out there, sitting, waiting for me to find it. More ammo than I could ever hope to shoot. My only real concerns are clean water, and in a few months, fuel. Somebody to talk to would be nice....

Saturday, July 17, 2010

March 24, 2012

6:30 AM. The rain is coming down in buckets, thunder and lightning everywhere. No early start today. So I am frying up some Spam (sure do miss bacon...) and cooking up some powdered eggs from my stash. A little bit of canned peppers thrown in the mix and I guess I'll have something resembling an omelette.

Decided to write a bit while things are cooking. It seems to help me keep from going insane, maybe because if nothing else, I expect someone might read my writing some day. It's a little ray of hope to hold on to. And some exercise for the brain. I'm saying the words aloud as I write them, because I just realized I've not spoken a word in weeks. It's so strange, not having anyone to talk to. Hell, I'd just about settle for a good argument now. At least it would be interaction.

The rain is coming down harder now, which makes me worry that I might not be able to get out of here. I can't see the bottom of the hill where I entered this place, could be a lake down there now. The ground was very firm when I parked, but it could be very mushy now. The Blazer is 4 wheel drive, and has good all terrain tires on it, but this trailer will bog it down pretty fast. Breakfast is ready....

7:15 AM. Still pouring down rain, though the thunder and lightening have subsided. I am amazed how quick breakfast went. Doesn't take long to cook, eat, and clean up when it's just one person. Just for something to do, I'm going to try filling the trailer's water tank. The camper has an awning, and I've got a funnel and some hose. I'll put on my poncho and give it a whirl.

8:30 AM. Well the awning/funnel/hose worked out well. I rolled out the awning and let it get rinsed off really good. One side set slightly lower than the other provided a really good flow coming off the corner. Using a couple cable ties, I attached the funnel to the awning strut, and ran the hose from it to the trailer's water tank fill. Didn't take long before the tank overflowed, maybe 10 minutes. I filled my portable water jugs as well, and still had 15 more minutes of good hard rain before it slacked off. It's still raining, but much lighter than before. Yes, there is a lake at the bottom of the hill, but it is draining off quickly now that the rain let up. I'll try to get out of here when the water subsides.

9:30 AM. After some slipping, sliding, good old fashioned mud slinging, winching, and cussing, I made it back to the road. The camper, Blazer, and myself are all filthy, but I'm back on the pavement again...

2:00 PM. Drove through lunch, just snacked on some jerky I had up front with me. I'm near Shreveport, and the increased number of dead vehicles forced me to take a side road. Stopped for "the cause", to refill my canteen from the trailer, and to dump some fuel in the truck. I like this biodiesel, smells like french fries when the engine is running. But I'm a bit worried, seems like the transmission is slipping when it shifts gears. I pulled the dipstick, and the fluid looks okay. The level is good. Hope it's just my imagination.

5 PM. Stopped for the night at a former convenience store. It burned down not too long ago, but after the mudfest this morning, I figured parking on pavement was probably a good idea. Besides, it looks like it might rain again. The sky was mostly overcast today, and I ran through several rain showers.

I snagged a propane bottle off an RV I passed today just to have some extra. I know my cooking doesn't use much, but I don't know how full the bottles are on my trailer. "My trailer", that just struck me as kinda weird. It's not my trailer, I took it. It belonged to someone else, who is no longer alive. I took this truck as well. I've taken basically everything that's kept me alive so far. What an odd feeling, after working for my keep for so long. Feels kind of "dirty" in a way, just taking things that belong to someone else, even though I know that someone is no longer here. Well, the rules have changed now, whether I like it or not. I think I will eat dinner, then scout around a bit to see if I can find some food, supplies, or whatever.

8:00 PM. My scouting trip was worth the effort. Walked into an open garage on a house and found a really nice .22 semi-auto, a Marlin, along with several thousand rounds of .22 long rifle. Also scored several good knives, cases of bottled water, a bunch of freeze dried meals, and canned food. So much that I went back for the Blazer to load it all up. These folks were prepared, but unfortunately nobody could prepare for what happened to us. I said a prayer and thanked these people for the bounty they provided me.

Friday, July 16, 2010

March 23, 2012

12:00 PM. Again, I got up early and got moving. It's been much easier travelling now that I'm away from the city. The smoke is behind me now, and I'm glad for that. No telling what chemicals are in that stuff...

I'm in Louisiana, and I've decided to head north toward Shreveport, then head east along Interstate 20. Don't know where I'm going exactly, I guess I'm just looking, hoping to find people alive somewhere.

Something strange I noticed, strange being a relative term these days, is a lot of dead birds. I don't know if the toxins from the refinery fire are what killed them, or something else. No other wildlife seems to be affected. And certainly not the dogs. They're doing just fine, much to my dismay.

2:45 PM. Stopped at a farm to look for diesel. The farmer had a little biodiesel production setup, and about 100 gallons of fuel made. I've been thinking about this, because I know the fuel sitting in trucks is slowly going bad. Anyway, the farmer had put together a very in depth manual on the process he used, so I put it in the Blazer for future use. I also poured his fuel in my tank, and filled some 5 gallon jugs as well. Too bad his truck had electronics, or I would have taken it as well. A 1 ton 4x4 with a large auxiliary fuel tank in the bed would come in very handy.

4:30 PM. Found a nice spot to camp for the night, fairly open and on top of a small hill. I'm going to feast tonight on canned meat and veggies which I found hidden in the industrious farmer's barn. A good, hot stew will be a welcome treat.

8:30 PM. Belly full of stew, a good stiff drink, and a nice little camp fire make this evening almost pleasant. I'm sitting by the fire in my camp chair, shotgun across my lap, under a clear, star lit sky. It's very dark now, something that has taken some getting used to. Never knew how much the lights from the cities back lit the night sky until they were gone. It's absolutely black on the new moon. Nice in a way, but frightening in many others. I know why settlers built fires on the frontier now, as I watch the glowing eyes moving around in the distance. The dogs won't approach the fire. I will tend it until it dies, then I'm off to sleep.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

March 22, 2012

10:45 AM. I got up and got right to it this morning, leaving around 6:30. As I suspected, the highway has been a mess. At one point I had to turn around and back track several miles to find a way around an overpass that was completely jammed.

The side streets aren't much better. More than once I've bulldozed through a fence and gone across someone's yard to get through. At one house I picked up a couple spare tires for the trailer, since I discarded the flat tire from a while ago. It felt strange, just taking the wheels off of someone's camper and leaving it there on blocks.

The smoke is pretty high up, but definitely getting thicker. There is a gray haze around the sun, and everything just looks.... dim. I need to keep moving.

3:00 PM. Very slow going. I stopped to siphon fuel from a furniture truck. Been burning a lot and not getting anywhere fast. Been trying to parallel the interstate as best as I can, mostly because it makes navigation much easier, and because there's plenty of diesel sitting in the 18 wheelers along the road. However, I am debating whether I want to attempt crossing the long bridge over the swamp in Louisiana. Perhaps diverting to the north is a better plan. Yes, I've convinced myself. Northward it is.

9:30 PM. What a long day. Had to drop the trailer and break out the chains to clear some cars off a bridge over the Sabine River. I'm beginning to think a Caterpillar might be a better mode of travel. It would have to be an old one though, I know the newer ones are loaded with electronics. Fried electronics...

I got excited when I was crossing the river because I saw a boat coming downstream. For just a minute, I held out hope there might be someone alive on board. Didn't take too long to realize it was just adrift on the current though.

Today has been exhausting. I'm going to eat a can of something and go to sleep.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

March 21, 2012

I woke up this morning to a horrendous noise. It was still dark, and I half asleep. Looked out the window and saw an enormous pack of dogs, must have been a hundred of them. They were barking, growling, and snarling, apparently fighting over a carcass they'd brought down during the night. That was all well and good, until they discovered me.

I suppose the smell from the grill, which I stupidly left out last night, had attracted them. From there they could smell the food I have here in the camper, and the Blazer. I guess they smell me too. They started scratching on the camper, jumping up to the windows, teeth bared and snarling. I grabbed the nearest gun, my Marlin .22, then I cracked a window open and started shooting. Several dogs went down before the rest ran off. But they didn't run too far.

It seems that their hunting instincts are taking a while to kick back in. Many of the dogs I see are emaciated after several weeks now of being on their own. They've scavenged what they could, but most of the bodies are pretty far gone now. The only good meat left now is in cans, or on the hoof. They can't open cans...

After a few minutes, the dogs returned to consume their former companions. I had no choice but to open fire again, because I really needed to get out of there, and I'd be stuck if I didn't kill those dogs. After going through about 100 rounds of .22, I was finally able to get to the Blazer. There are still some dogs around, but they've retreated to the tree line, or behind/under buildings. Anyways, I can make my escape from here.

10:20 AM. Stopped in the middle of nowhere due to a blowout on the trailer. Got the spare tire on now. I grabbed a can of beef stew from my stash, and I'll eat it as I travel. For some reason I just feel the need to put some distance between me and... Well I don't know what. I just need to move.

4:00 PM. I know the time only because I came across a Wal Mart. My watch died early this afternoon. For some reason I felt lost without it, so I pulled in here, grabbed my shotgun, a flashlight, and went inside. What a wreck. The place had been destroyed by looters. There were bodies in there, but whether they died from the disease or were killed in the mayhem I couldn't tell. I snagged a pack of watch batteries, some flashlight batteries and bulbs, and got the hell out of there. My watch is back on track now and I feel better. For some reason I feel the need to keep time. To keep the date. It's like the guy marooned on an island I guess, they always show them keeping track of the days.

6:30 PM. I've been seeing a huge black cloud creeping over the horizon this afternoon. I am approaching Beaumont, Texas, and I can only assume that it's coming from the refineries near there. I've stopped for the night, because I'm not in line with the plume, which I can imagine isn't too good for one's health. I'll rest up tonight, and try like hell for the Louisiana border tomorrow. It might be interesting getting through the Beaumont area, I can only imagine the wreckage blocking the roads there. It will be the first (formerly) heavily populated area I've had to go through. Tomorrow is likely to be a very long day.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

March 20, 2012

I woke this morning to the birds singing. It was almost deafening compared to the new quiet that has taken over the world. No airplanes, no traffic noise, none of the background hum of human activity that I had become accustomed to. Starting the Blazer these days is almost like setting off dynamite.

I filled my water tank and containers from the farmer's well this morning. It was not quite foggy, just that "morning mist" in the air, and it felt really strange. The air was still. All I heard was the birds, and the cows mooing in the distance. The occasional dog bark here and there. It's just too quiet.

The farm house was unlocked, so I decided to go inside to see if there was anything there I might need. Nothing much, really, but I did find an antique radio. The kind with vacuum tubes in it. I got no idea how I might power it up, but I put it in the Blazer just the same. I would really like to hear another human voice...

It's time to move on now, I've got to keep going. Sitting around will drive me insane. I see a diesel tank next to the barn, so I will top off my tank and go.

10:45 AM. Passing a row of houses along this country road, I thought I spotted some movement. I stopped, and looked around. Waiting. Hoping that I had seen someone. Nothing... Must have been my imagination.

12:00 PM. Stopped just shy of a small town to eat lunch. Chef Boyardee. I am getting tired of eating from a can. I would kill for some fresh meat or veggies. Maybe I will. Saw several deer along the road this morning. I know most of it would go to waste if I did kill one, but does it really matter now? Besides, the dogs and coyotes would finish it off I'm sure. Maybe I will shoot one.

1:30 PM. Eureka! I spotted a vegetable garden in a back yard. There was lettuce, cucumbers, radishes, carrots, and onions there. Lots. I washed the dirt off and ate three carrots right then and there. The rest I put in a laundry basket that was sitting on the back porch near the clothes line and loaded them in the Blazer. Fresh vegetables for the next few days.

6:30 PM. Decided to stop here in this gas station parking lot for the night. The place was pretty well looted out, but I did score three bags of beef jerky that had fallen behind a shelf (in the commotion, I imagine), and a couple candy bars. Interestingly, the beer cooler was about half full, as was a wine rack. Guess the looters only wanted food. I grabbed a twelve pack of beer and a couple bottles of wine. What the hell, might as well have a little something to take the edge off of me in the evenings. Those are the worst times, the evenings after I eat dinner. The silence and darkness is overwhelming. Many evenings I just sit, holding my rifle. I can hear the dogs, coyotes, and whatnot moving around in the blackness, and it makes me nervous. their footsteps, which might be 50 yards away or more, sound like they're right on top of me. I never realized just how dark the night was with no electric lights. Takes some getting used to.

Anyway, I shot a rabbit that was in the grass next to the gas station. Cleaned him and roasted him. There was charcoal in the gas station, and a grill in the camper. Sauteed up some onions and carrots in olive oil on the propane stove in the camper, and made a salad too. Tossed some olive oil on that as well. Pretty damn good eats after canned stuff for so long. Oh, the camper had a pretty good spice selection in it, and I seasoned that rabbit up good. Delicious! I think I will sleep well tonight after such a good meal.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

March 19, 2012

It was nice to sleep in the little camper, pretty comfortable. Much better than the small back seat in the Blazer, which is now full of food and gear. Even got to take a shower this morning, the 12 volt water pump in the camper still works and the battery has a charge. I'm going to transfer some of the gear out of the Blazer into the trailer before I hitch it up, then scour the campground for any food, fuel, or tools I might need. Right after I cook breakfast. Corned beef hash and powdered eggs, yum...

8:30 AM. I pulled two more 20 pound propane bottles off another trailer. Got excited when I found a short wave radio, but it's fried. So is the CB radio I found in another truck. I knew they would be, but I figured what the hell.

The camper is hitched up, and I'm ready to go. Spent ten minutes fooling with the trailer brake lights before I realized I was wasting my time.

12:15 PM. Stopped for lunch. Made 25 miles. It's a little slower going with the trailer, but the comfort factor makes it a good trade off for now. I will keep my eyes peeled for a good tent or something, just in case I need to ditch the trailer. I've seen nothing but dead cars, a few deer munching on someone's formerly manicured front lawn, the ever present packs of dogs, and a couple horses strolling down the road.

I did have to shoot a dog when I stopped for lunch. Guess the smell attracted him. He didn't attack, but he didn't look too friendly either. Throwing rocks at him didn't prove too much of a deterrent. It's a shame, he was a beautiful German Shepherd. But I can't take any chances. Back to the road now...

3:00 PM. Pulled into a small town. Dead quiet, except for the birds. The little grocery store was stripped bare, I'd imagine pretty quickly when the lights went out a few weeks ago. I did find a feed store, and fought the mice for a sack of corn. Found some seeds too, the few packages the mice and rats hadn't got too yet.

It's a pretty chaotic scene here, cars and trucks overturned, a hay trailer blocking the road... Almost looks like the town folk had barricaded the place for a "last stand". Against who, I don't know. No bodies in the street. Another of the thousands of mysteries I'll come across, and never know the answer to.

5:00 PM. Stopped at a farm house for the night. There's a well here, with a hand pump. A couple cows are out in the pasture grazing away like nothing ever happened. A cat is curled up on the porch rocking chair, almost like it's waiting for the farmer to come home. I'm going to fill up my water tank on the trailer, and whatever containers I might find around here, then call it a day.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

March 18, 2012

Woke up early this morning, right at sun-up. You'd never know anything had happened. The birds were singing, squirrels running this way and that. I gathered up all the canned food and loaded it into the Blazer. Should be a month's worth at least if I don't pig out. Also found two cases of bottled water, a 12 pack of iced tea in cans, and glory be, a bottle of George Dickel! Bless you Uncle.

I rummaged around in the shed and found a 5 gallon fuel jug, which I also tossed in the Blazer, a tool kit, a machete, bow saw and extra blade, an ax, charcoal lighter fluid, ten boxes of strike anywhere matches, a Coleman stove, and three bottles of propane for it. So I tossed a pot, frying pan, and some utensils in with the rest of the stuff.

I hate to leave here, but I can't stay. If my Uncle was alive, he'd be here. He's not. No point in staying then.

The question is: where to go? I think I will try to find the power plant. There are some high lines at the north end of the lake, I know because we went fishing there. I also know that I can take the back roads there, they should be pretty clear.

10:30 AM. Two hours, and 4 downed tree limbs later, I've found the high lines. Now which way? I've got a 50/50 chance....

12:00 PM. Stopped for lunch, cold soup in a can. Following the high lines has been tricky, but I've managed to keep them in sight most of the time. I hope I'm going the right way....

2:45 PM. I've come to a junction in the high lines. There's a substation. The high lines continue on, and another set taps off from the east, then dog-legs to the south east. This may be what I'm looking for.

4:30 PM. I found the power plant. It doesn't appear to be running, though it was not too long ago I suppose, though I don't know how. There's still steam coming out here and there. It is awfully quiet. I hooked the chain to the gate and the Blazer and pulled it down and out of the way. Inside the plant grounds, I found the body of one operator. Or what's left of it.

Surprisingly, I've seen several bodies of soldiers here as well, along with military vehicles. Whether they were National Guard, or regular Army I don't know. There is what appears to have been an officer in the control room, along with two more dead plant operators, and someone who might have been a manager or supervisor. Very strange... But now I see how the plant was still running, it's old. No electronic control systems. All mechanical dials, and pneumatic controls. I'm amazed it stayed running on it's own for as long as it did without any human input. It's a testament to dedicated maintenance and tuning I guess...

As a side note, I'm becoming numb to seeing the bodies. At first they made me sick to my stomach. I threw up several times last week. They don't seem to bother me now, and that worries me a bit.

Now what? Where to go. I can go any direction, but I haven't a clue as to which way I should go. What I do know is that I'm going to gather up the rifles and side arms from those soldiers, and whatever ammunition they have. I've got 500 rounds for the SKS, and about the same for my shotgun, but I think I'd better get what I can, when I can.

6:20 PM. I decided to head east. No particular reason. Found a small country store, and helped myself to the few cans of food that were left inside. Said a small prayer of thanks for the clerk who had died behind the counter. I'm sad to say that she hadn't died of the disease like the rest, she had been shot in the head. May she rest in peace....

7:15 PM. Pulled into a small campground for the night. There's a nice camper here, small and light, fairly new. What the hell, I might as well take it with me. Nobody is inside. Time for dinner and bed.

March 17, 2012

St. Patty's Day. Sure wouldn't mind a green beer right about now. Slept well in the Blazer with the windows cracked open. Heard dogs roaming around several times in the night, sometimes fighting over..... I don't want to think about what they were probably fighting over.

I've got a pot of water on my mini alcohol stove from the bug out bag, and soon some Ramen noodles will be my breakfast. I ate the last cereal bar yesterday. Sure hope I come across some canned food today if I don't make it to the cabin.

Still no sign of anyone alive. Just the occasional dog, cat, and lots of turkey buzzards. Lots of turkey buzzards...

12:30 PM. I made pretty good time, covered 15 miles since I left at 8:00 this morning. One five mile stretch of road was so choked with cars and semis, I had to run in the bar ditch in 4 wheel drive. Stopped now to siphon some diesel off an 18 wheeler, and grab a quick bite. On a whim I checked out the cab of the 18 wheeler, and boy am I glad! I found 3 cans of soup, and 2 cans of baked beans. There was lunch meat and stuff in the little 'fridge in the sleeper, but it all spoiled weeks ago. Rancid... Anyways, I'm eating a can of beans.

2:30 PM. Had to go off roading again, this time through a pasture, because there was quite a pile-up on the road that had spilled out to the ditches. Just my luck, I found a piece of metal in my right front tire. After spending an hour looking for something to put under the jack to keep it from sinking into the soft dirt, I found an old board. Spare tire is on now. Ten miles to go...

6:00 PM. I made it. Unfortunately, no one is here. No one is anywhere...

There must have been a hell of a storm here yesterday, lots of fallen trees and power lines. Several times I had to break out the chain that was in the Blazer and pull fallen trees or branches off the road. Amazingly, one of the downed power lines was still hot, and sparking all over the road, so I had to detour around it. I guess those power plants are automated enough to keep running for a while. Or maybe there is someone still alive? That thought is what I will have to run with. I can't be the only one.

The cabin is still intact. There's no power, but my uncle has lanterns, fuel, candles, etc. He also stocked the cupboards pretty well. Guess this place was too remote for the police to come confiscate his food. Or maybe that didn't happen here, I don't know. I may never know.

What I do know is there's a half dozen other cabins on this back road, and they're all empty. Not a soul around. There is a truck in front of one about a half mile down, but I cringe at what I'll find there. Let's just say there's no signs of life and leave it at that.

Tonight I am thankful, because I've got food, warm shelter, and a comfortable bed. In the morning, I will load everything up in the Blazer and set out in search of life. There must be someone else out there.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Something New

I got this blog just sittin' here... I only created it because my link list was getting too unwieldy, so I moved all the prepper network sites over here. Anyways, I had me an idea...

Being the creative bugger that I am, another story idea came to me. So I figgered, why not put it here! Might as well, since the blog is already here. It's gonna be.... Well, you'll find out when I do! Ha ha! Anyways, unlike my Captain Jack story, I've got a title for this: One.

March 16, 2012

It's been three weeks since I've seen another person. Alive, that is. What I have seen is bodies. More than I care to think about right now. They're everywhere...

This morning I got lucky and found an old Chevy Blazer that actually started! It's one of those military surplus vehicles somebody bought for... well maybe for this. It's a rattle trap, and smokes like crazy, but it beats the hell out of walking. And it may have saved my life. Even though there's no people (as far as I know), there are plenty of animals. It seems they were immune to whatever it was that that swept this town. The county. And I think the whole state.

So I started this journal to document... whatever the hell has happened. Just in case I don't make it either. Maybe someone will find this journal, and they'll know what happened. Or they'll know what I saw anyways, because I'm still not sure what happened.

What I do know is that six weeks ago there was a massive coronal mass ejection from the sun. Everything went dead. No electricity, no cars, no phones, no radio... The first day there was confusion, panic, looting (of course). But nothing real bad. That came toward the end of the first week, when the food ran out. Local officials had the grocery stores and the corner stores blocaded and guarded, and all the non-perishables moved to a warehouse. Stuff that would spoil was loaded into coolers, packed in ice, and distributed to people kind of like we heard about the old Soviet Union. You know, stand in line for a few slices of bread.

After the first week, people began accusing others of "hoarding" food in their pantries, and the police started searching homes for canned food, bottled water, and other items folks might have "too much" of. The warehouse quickly emptied that first week, and the perishables were pretty much gone in the first three days, so I guess the mayor and police chief decided to search homes and "redistribute" any "hoarded" items to avoid panic.

We never did see the National Guard, or FEMA, or any of those people who are supposed to respond to emergencies. I guess transportation was an issue for them as well.

The really bad stuff started happening in the second week. People started getting sick. Really sick. The doctors said it was because of the lack of sanitation, as in no sewer system, and no water treatment. But when they started dieing too, that's when I began to think there was something more going on than "lack of sanitation".

People got very high fevers. They went into convulsions. They threw up blood. Their bodies were covered in sores. Three days after they showed the first symptoms, they were dead. The doctors and nurses died too. Hell, everyone died!

Me, I stayed holed up at my place. It was on the outside of town, I had a well and septic system. And I was a "prepper". One of those people who "hoarded" food, water, etc. My wife and I.... Jenny. She's gone now. She died the same horrible death as everyone else. Why the hell was I spared?! Oh God....

They came and took our stores, and wanted to arrest us for "failing to render aid". That was bull crap, because Jenny and I were doing everything we could to help our neighbors out. But the cops, and their new "deputies", they took everything. Even squash that had barely begun to grow in our garden. They asked if I had any weapons. All I had visible was my Grandpa's Winchester, and they took it too. The rest of my guns and ammunition were stashed under the floor in the shed, and I thank God for that.

They didn't arrest me, mostly because the jail was already full of looters. The next day Jenny fell ill, and she told me to go. She begged me to go. I refused. Two days later she died in my arms.

Hungry and grief stricken, I packed up what supplies I could carry, grabbed my bug out bag (which the thieves from the city had not taken) and headed out to the north, toward my uncle's place on the lake, about 60 miles away.

I am half way there now, after four days on foot. The going has been really tough. Roads are heaped with wrecked and dead vehicles, packs of now wild dogs are everywhere... Twice I was attacked by packs of four or five dogs, desperately hungry for something fresh, I'm sure. I killed them with my SKS rifle. So glad I bought that semi automatic, if I had a bolt action I'd be dead.

Anyways, I'm low on food and water, and only half way to my destination. So you can see why finding the Blazer is a Godsend. I've stopped for the night, and for the first time in four days I can sleep securely here in the Blazer. I couldn't sleep in someone's house. Mostly because I'd have to drag the bodies out first. But even then, I just couldn't sleep there.

Hopefully tomorrow will find me at my Uncle's cabin at the lake. Hopefully tomorrow will find him there as well.....