Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day Two

Early A.M. I've packed up the few things I have back into the PVC tube, and made a little sling out of some twine that was in there too. Whoever loaded this thing put some serious thought into it. I'm glad.

So, with stick of jerky in hand, and pistol in my waist band, I'm headed eastward. I hope that's the right way to go. I'll soon find out.

Around noon. I came to a clearing, and across the meadow I spied a small house back in some trees. I'm in it now. And I do believe this is where the cache must have come from. There is an empty gun cabinet (someone broke the glass and stole the guns) with a few .22 rounds laying in the bottom. Same brand as those in the cache. I also found more of the dryer lint/vaseline packets, and a short length of PVC pipe, same diameter as the cache.

Not much else here, but I did find a pair of boots that fit me fairly well, and a flannel jacket. Glad to have both of them. I'm still wearing my "prison garb", which is basically like hospital scrubs, and slip on shoes. I've had to stop every ten minutes it seems, to dump the twigs and rocks out of the shoes. The "scrubs" aren't much against the damp chill in the morning and at night.

Digging around in the basement, I found a "false pipe". What alerted me to it was the cleanout, it seemed to be in an odd place. I found a pipe wrench on a nearby work bench and unscrewed the cap. Inside was a sort of net "sock" which contained, joy of joys, canned food! He was even thoughtful enough to stash one of those old army can openers in there. I need to check this place out more thoroughly, I bet there's a few more hidey holes. This guy was smart...

Bingo! A false wall panel next to the stairs. Inside was a set of camo clothes, boonie hat, hiking boots, a scoped 30-06, ammo pouch with about 200 rounds, backpack loaded with food and gear, canteen... Basically everything one would need to set out on foot in a hurry. I'm guessing this guy died from the disease before he had the chance. Thank you, whoever you were. Your preparations were not wasted.

Late afternoon. Well, there was a watch in the pack, but it was digital. In other words, it's fried. But I do have binoculars, a compass, and perhaps best of all, a map! I now know that I am in northwestern Virginia, near a little town called Bridgewater.

Which means I need to find some wheels, because there's some pretty mountainous terrain in every direction. I'm also too close to Washington DC for my comfort. I don't know what's happened exactly, but given my "prison" experience, I've no doubt the government is involved somehow. Or some sort of powerful entity. Either way, the thought of being near DC is making the hair on my neck stand on end...

Time to make camp and eat something. Tomorrow is going to be a long day, I think.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A New Day

Some time in the early A.M. That's right! I know that is the approximate time, because I am now sitting in some woods, in a light fog, the sun just rising...

After the last explosion, one more small explosion blew the lock on my door. I had huddled in the corner, my mattress over top of me when I left off my last entry. The door blew, and when the dust cleared, I got up to look around. The door was part way open. So I cautiously peeked out into the corridor. It was still pretty dusty and smokey, but I saw no people. No motion at all.

Having gathered my wits, I headed down the corridor, where I found several more doors blown completely off their hinges. They led me to a stairwell, which opened up to a wooded area some fifty feet above. There was nothing but a small concrete structure which housed the door to the stairwell.

Once outside, I saw no one. Not even a trace of anyone. Nothing but the mist and the trees. I don't know who broke me out, or why. Or even if my release was their intention. All I know is that I am free once more, and I felt the need to document that fact, right now. That being done, I am out of here!

Around Noon: I've been going through the woods in a more or less easterly direction. Don't know why exactly; maybe because that's the way I had been travelling before my abduction. I haven't seen anything remarkable so far, which is a good thing I suppose. Onward...

Late afternoon: I've decided to stop and make camp. Nothing but woods so far, and I don't want to be stumbling through the woods after dark.

Night: Miracles never cease... I found some sort of "cache". The only reason I found it was because something didn't look quite right near a tree. The spot was just a bit too clear of undergrowth compared to the surrounding area. So I started digging, and soon found the top of a capped PVC pipe. Inside I found some beef jerky, matches, bottled water, candy, dryer lint smeared in petroleum jelly, a tarp, and a semi-auto .22, along with five loaded magazines.

So now I have a nice fire, and a bed of evergreen boughs, covered by the tarp. I've got food in my belly, and water. Don't know who left this cache here, but thank God I found it. Now if I could only find out where I am...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another Day

They've left me alone today. I've tried to keep track of time as best as I can, not having anything to go by but my mind, and the arrival of meals. Still couldn't tell you what day it is, or what time. Hell, not even what month...

It could still be April, or it might be July. They kept me disoriented until now, today being the first time they've not drugged me and taken me away to wherever it is they take me. I almost prefer the drugging, because now I'm just horribly bored.

Went over my body as much as possible, and found numerous needle marks, as well as a small scar on my abdomen, I presume in the vicinity of my liver (not being an anatomy student, I can only guess). They must've taken a biopsy or something. At least I hope that's all they did.

I feel well. Put on a little weight, being unable to exercise much more than jogging in place or doing push ups and sit ups. Hadn't done much of that either, most times being in a drug induced daze.

I am still amazed and intrigued as to why they're allowing me this journal. As far as I can tell, they haven't even read it when I was away. Maybe they're watching me right now as I write... I'd like to "rattle the cage" in some way, but there's nothing to rattle. The worst I could do in here is write on the wall. Everything is bolted down, and the bolts welded to that which they're holding in place. I can't reach the camera in the ceiling vent, and there's nothing for me to stand on so I could. If only I

There was just what sounded like a muffled explosion... YES! A second explosion! I more felt it than heard it, but they were explosions!

...What feels like several minutes has passed. I've not heard another sound. No one has come. Can't smell anything... Another explosion! Closer this time. I'm getting ready, something is about to happen.