Monday, July 20, 2009

Prepper's Networks

This is simply to make keeping up with the prepper networks easier for myself, and for y'all who come here as well...


  1. I've been following you via Twitter for several days. I had some of your fellow Prepper leaders on my show Saturday, and am eager to have more leaders appear and tell Americans what they should be doing to get ready for the coming chaos!
    I look forward to your input. Contact me. Thanks,

    James Talmage Stevens

  2. looks like a good idea and seems it would be easy to keep track of this way. I will be doing the answer's to questions about radio real soon and thanks for asking and visiting the site.

  3. Got this today from the RSOE EDIS, to which I subscribe:
    Unknown virus? Or something that got loose from a gov't lab?