Sunday, August 8, 2010

March 29, 2012

6:00 A.M. Up early again, breakfast is already done. Something simple, me still being full from last night. Today I cross the bridge into Mississippi, for whatever that's worth. I don't expect to see anything different, really. My attitude is bad this morning, and I'm angry in general. That's how I feel, and there's not much I can do about it. Maybe I could read a "self help" book by Dr. Phil, but right now all I want to do is piss on Dr. Phil's corpse. He's got no clue what I've gone through, and am still going through. I'm going to end this now, because I'm getting too worked up...

11:30 A.M. Crossed the bridge without incident. My bad attitude persists. Don't know why, I just can't shake it. Made it to a little town, and I hoped to find some grub, but the store was wiped clean. It's pissing me off that food was wasted on the dead, or gathered up somewhere by a bunch of self righteous bastards to be passed out in some rationing scheme. Yes, I've got enough for a good long while, but I'm still angry. I'm livid at the tin pot dictators that decided to take it upon themselves to decide who was "worthy" of being fed and who was not. Again, I end this, because this anger is doing me no good.

3:00 P.M. The going has been pretty easy by comparison, but I'm just tired. It's time to stop for a while, and collect myself. Time to decide what I'm really doing, and why. Time to decide if it's worth it...

I honestly don't know. If it's just me, then what the hell is the point? Why bother? If I live another 30 years by myself, what have I proved? What have I gained? Ah dammit, I'm gonna drain that bottle of booze I found and take myself away. I'm just not in the mood to be alone today. It's driving me nuts...


  1. Holy shit, my cup runneth over! Both series with installments on the same freakin' day! Delightful! I just finished reading "The Wall" by Marlen Haushofer. Similiar scenario, only one left, etc. Published in 1962, height of cold war, etc. It was recommended on Wandervogel's blog. Excellent. If you want to read it I will gladly pass it on. By the way, the main character is a woman. Interesting.

  2. Thanks Mayberry you made my night with the DR. Phill comment....

  3. I have to agree, Dr. Phil was a good touch!

  4. Mayb',
    If I were this guy I wouldn't have a thing to bitch about.
    No liberals no lies. You simply take care of yourself and your own as God intented.
    Simple easy God intented way of life!
    (BTW even after an EMP CD players should work so find some tunes there buddy;)..

  5. Mizdeb, sounds like an interesting read. I've got two pretty hefty reads going right now myself. Thanks!

    Scott, I can't stand that shyster...

    Rfenny, thanks!

    North, yeah I guess not, ha ha! Have to look into the CD player thing...

  6. This is very good! Just read the whole thing, and you've got me hooked. Thanks!


  7. Joel, thanks! Nice to hear from an actual published author!