Monday, October 11, 2010

April 2, 2012

6:30 A.M. Powdered eggs and a can of hash for breakfast, yum yum... I'm going to leave today, no point in hanging around chasing lights. Though I know that strange feeling from the hill top will linger, and nag the hell out of me. Anyway, I'm off.

10:45 A.M. Stopped in a little town. Oddly, it seems as if nothing happened here. The grass is overgrown, but otherwise nothing looks disturbed. For the first time, I had to break in to a small grocery store, and it was fully stocked. The stench of rotted meat and produce was almost unbearable, but I made several "mad dash" raids on the canned food aisle. It was worth the heaving and watering eyes, because I now have at least three months' worth of canned goodies, and a ton of dry beans. Got some beef jerky too. I would have scored some rice and pasta as well, but the bugs beat me to it. Oh well, I've got plenty. As a bonus, I got a bunch of salt, spices, and cooking oil. Some toilet paper, paper towels, a few utensils, various soaps, and cleaning supplies rounded out the booty. My cupboards overfloweth...

Decided to eat since I stopped. Had me a nice early lunch of canned ham, dill pickles, and Vienna sausages. Hoo boy, I sure hope I can find some game for supper. Otherwise, it'll be some other canned conglomeration. Guess I shouldn't complain to much, all this canned bounty makes it possible for me to keep travelling.

Since I was here, I broke in and raided a doctor's office and scored some medical supplies. I also hit the hardware store for a few things. And the auto parts store. Pardon me while I change the oil and filter on the truck...

5:30 P.M. Stopped at a highway rest area for the night. After supper, I'll fill my diesel tanks from one of the semi trucks here. Looks like supper will be from cans again, but that's okay. The only critter I've seen was a skunk, and I'm not too keen on eating skunk. I'm thinking beef stew with a side of mixed veggies, with cherry pie filling for desert. Man, I'd kill for some fresh biscuits or bread to go along with it!

7:30 P.M. Diesel tanks are full, as is my belly. I gathered up some wood for a fire and broke out the camp chair. As luck would have it, I found some nice cigars in a motorhome parked here, as well as a bottle of good whiskey. Tonight will be enjoyable! I'm off to start the fire.

9:15 P.M. The fire is crackling, a cigar is smoking, and I've got a glass of fine whiskey and ice in my hand. Life is good. Except for the ever present lack of companionship... I tried to get a dog to come to me a few minutes ago, but I had to shoot him. He lunged at me, and I unloaded my .357 into him. How quickly the dogs have reverted to their instincts... That's to be expected I suppose, survival above all else. Maybe I can tame one? They're not that far gone. It sure would be nice to have a companion...

10:20 P.M. There it is again! A light, off in the distance. For a fleeting moment I saw it! Maybe a mile or two off to the north of me... I'm dropping the camper.

12:30 A.M. I've scoured the countryside and seen nothing. Dammit, nothing! I drove in the direction of the light, and all around. Covered a lot of ground, and saw no sign of anything. I'm beginning to think I'm losing my mind! No tracks, no sounds, but I KNOW I saw that light!


  1. I am enjoying this. At first I thought it was an older story and wasn't finished (It bugs me when a story does not get finished) but then I looked at the date and saw it was an active story...COOL! thank you!!! I will keep checking for more! :)

  2. This is getting good and I still have no idea what the light is. Keep is coming Mayberry this is great stuff.

  3. Hey Mayberry,

    Thanks for keeping me a little sane!

    Between exploring in a camper and on the boat, life is good!!!!

    Take care,


  4. Hi Mayberry, I was starting to go nuts waiting to read the next installment. This is a great story. I don't have a clue what the lights are either. Aliens? I am wondering what happened to cause the end of the world as this guy knew it. I haven't gone back to see if you posted what his name is. ? Thanks for writing this for us, and please keep it coming. Cathy

  5. Mayb',
    I don't know where you're goin' with this "light" thing but I can tell ya if it turns out to be the frickin' energizer bunny you're gonna piss us all off..

  6. Kellie, you're welcome. More coming...

    Pete, I still don't know what the light is! : )

    s4r, I gotta get my adventure somehow...

    Cathy, I have an idea what ended the world ; ) Stay tuned! And thanks.

    North, dammit, ya gave it away...