Saturday, November 6, 2010

April 6, 2012

6:30 A.M. Just finished with breakfast. I'm sitting outside right now, enjoying the cool morning for a bit before I go. It's funny, I feel a little more at ease knowing my shadow is out there. I'm waving at them now, because I know they're watching. Good morning shadow! Glad you are there. Well, I'm off. Don't want to keep them waiting...

11:30 A.M. Stopped for lunch. It's been fairly easy going now that I'm clear of the city. I've not seen a single sign of my shadow, they are very good at keeping hidden. But I know they are there. Somewhere, not too far off, they are there. They've stopped as well, to have a rest, and not get too far ahead of me. I wonder what they're having for lunch? Me, I'm having can of beef-a-roni. I don't even bother to heat the stuff up anymore, kinda makes me feel like Mad Max. At least it's not dog food, ha ha. Saddle up shadow, time to get moving.

3:00 P.M. Found a little country store that was fairly intact. Found some mayonnaise, ketchup, and salsa that haven't expired yet. Haven't had that stuff in a long while. I also picked up some lubricants, salt, pepper, and other spices. Got some batteries, and hygiene items. A bunch of beef jerky. But the best score was found in the store room out back. Sealed buckets of flour, grain, and a hand grinder. Yeast. Canned butter. I haven't had bread in so long now, but I can smell it baking. I can taste it. I think I'm going to camp right here and bake me some bread!

5:00 P.M. Ohhhhh the smell is wonderful.... I cut a slice, buttered it up.... Yeah.... Found some gallon size freezer bags in the store as well, so the bread will go in them to keep it fresh. Got some more canned ham there, and dill relish. Tomorrow for lunch I'll make ham salad sandwiches. Man, I haven't had a sandwich in months! What a treat that will be.

Heated up some beef stew for dinner, for no other reason than to sop up the gravy with another slice of bread. I left the trailer windows open, hoping that wonderful smell might draw in my shadow. No dice. Oh well, I'm going to pour me some bourbon and light up one of the cigars I found in the humidor in that back room. I'll drink a toast to my shadow, and enjoy this full feeling that can only come from fresh baked bread!

8:30 P.M. Lit me a nice fire. There is nothing better than relaxing by a fire with a glass of bourbon on ice and a good cigar. Sure wish the shadow would come down to join me, seems a shame to enjoy all this alone. But I saw them, maybe a quarter mile away. It was nothing more than a careless sweep of a flashlight across a pane of glass, but that quick flash caught my eye, even through the fire. If I had a bullhorn I'd invite them over for a cocktail! Oh well, maybe next time. They are coming closer. Before they'd keep a mile away. Then a half. Now they're a quarter. Maybe soon we'll finally meet. Guess it was a good call on my part not to go looking for them anymore, as it seems they are now comfortable coming in closer. Maybe in a few days they'll make contact. Which could be good, or could be bad. Don't know, but either way I'd like to see them just for curiosity's sake. Anyway, good night shadow, see you tomorrow...


  1. Well we have been waiting for the next chapter.

  2. it the Jagurmiester Girls tour bus?
    They haven't approached him yet cuz they're still "cat fightin'" over who gets em I right??

  3. I'm sure it wont be long till the shadow or shadows will come into play and we will learn more about them/him/her..... Great job Mayberry

  4. Mayberry, this is good! The suspense is great. I can't wait to see what you spring...


  5. Forgive my neglect, been a busy feller as of late...

    Anon 5:24, thank you.

    North, there's a thought!

    Pete, yer probably right, and thanks.

    s4r, me neither : )