Saturday, January 29, 2011

A New Day

Some time in the early A.M. That's right! I know that is the approximate time, because I am now sitting in some woods, in a light fog, the sun just rising...

After the last explosion, one more small explosion blew the lock on my door. I had huddled in the corner, my mattress over top of me when I left off my last entry. The door blew, and when the dust cleared, I got up to look around. The door was part way open. So I cautiously peeked out into the corridor. It was still pretty dusty and smokey, but I saw no people. No motion at all.

Having gathered my wits, I headed down the corridor, where I found several more doors blown completely off their hinges. They led me to a stairwell, which opened up to a wooded area some fifty feet above. There was nothing but a small concrete structure which housed the door to the stairwell.

Once outside, I saw no one. Not even a trace of anyone. Nothing but the mist and the trees. I don't know who broke me out, or why. Or even if my release was their intention. All I know is that I am free once more, and I felt the need to document that fact, right now. That being done, I am out of here!

Around Noon: I've been going through the woods in a more or less easterly direction. Don't know why exactly; maybe because that's the way I had been travelling before my abduction. I haven't seen anything remarkable so far, which is a good thing I suppose. Onward...

Late afternoon: I've decided to stop and make camp. Nothing but woods so far, and I don't want to be stumbling through the woods after dark.

Night: Miracles never cease... I found some sort of "cache". The only reason I found it was because something didn't look quite right near a tree. The spot was just a bit too clear of undergrowth compared to the surrounding area. So I started digging, and soon found the top of a capped PVC pipe. Inside I found some beef jerky, matches, bottled water, candy, dryer lint smeared in petroleum jelly, a tarp, and a semi-auto .22, along with five loaded magazines.

So now I have a nice fire, and a bed of evergreen boughs, covered by the tarp. I've got food in my belly, and water. Don't know who left this cache here, but thank God I found it. Now if I could only find out where I am...


  1. Hi Mayberry,

    Good to see ya moving on this one again. I'm hooked.


  2. Mayberry,

    Now you have gone and done it! I am completely stumped! They had to has let him go to track him and see what he does. Either that or his real friends finally came and broke him out (you know the ones that were tracking him)? Anyway, after he finds some more weals he has to head back out west. There is no way he is gonna stay around there......

    Thanks again Mayberry,


  3. Dave, thanks!

    S4r, I think I've stumped myself, heh heh heh...

  4. Mayberry you must still be off your feet, That sux but us greedy bastards like the writing,,, THX