Monday, February 7, 2011

Day Three

Late P.M. Spent the entire day scouring the countryside for suitable transportation. Aside from some old diesel tractors, and a bulldozer, I didn't find anything. All were either gas powered (most of the gasoline has gone bad by now), or electronic diesels, which are fried. I did find an old Mack truck, but it had thrown a rod.

I do have a bicycle now, which is certainly better than hoofing it. But I sure do wish I could get to my old diesel truck and camper. That was a great rig...

This part of the country was really ravaged. There are bird bones everywhere, and human bones too. It's like a scene from a Hitchcock story. One good thing is that there aren't too many dogs around. On the flip side, there isn't much small game either. I have seen some deer, as well as stray cattle and hogs though. I hate to waste large animals, but they are there if I need them.

The roads are pretty clear for the most part. Every now and then there's a semi flipped over, or blocking the road, but overall there's not much. I tried to start an old Scout, but it wouldn't fire. The gas had gone bad, as had the battery. Thirty seconds of cranking left it dead, just like it's former owner. I will not go into the details of that...

So tonight finds me taking refuge in an RV I came upon in a driveway along the road. I like RVs. Too many houses have corpses in them. Besides, the grid being down means there's no heat in those houses (unless they have a fireplace or wood stove), but the older RVs have propane furnaces that require no electricity. I'd rather not deal with the houses myself. Other than gathering supplies, I have no use for them. Too creepy, being in someone else's home. Especially if their remains are still there, which often they are.

Time to make some dinner from the goodies in my pack. It's been a long day, and I'm ready for some rest.


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  3. Still a good story, buddy! Wish it was in book form!

  4. Wut is with you and dogs ? Meat on the hoof ! Don't taste like chicken but meat is meat, billions of orientals can't be all wrong. On top of that befriend one of em for the extra security.

  5. Thanks Mayberry twists and turns are great.

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  7. Thank y'all for reading! A new installment is up!