Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Captain Jack: Under Attack

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After overcoming the disorientation caused by the shock wave, Jack darted to the surface. Linda was leaning over the life lines looking for him, and he saw immense relief in her eyes when she spotted him.

What the hell was that?!” Jack exclaimed.

Linda had no time to answer before the second explosion rocked the lagoon. Jack quickly hoisted himself aboard and began scanning all around. People on shore were running in all directions, and many of the boats' crews were hoisting anchor. Jack ran forward to retrieve his own, yelling for Linda to start the engine. The third explosion hit much closer this time, sending a geyser of water, coral, and mud some two hundred feet into the air.

Hard to port and full ahead!” Jack yelled as the anchor pulled loose from the bottom. He hurriedly secured it to the bowsprit, then ran aft to take the helm. “Go below and try to raise Island Time on the radio!”

He didn't bother with sails, there being so little wind. And he decided that quick maneuvering would probably be necessary just as the fourth explosion caused him to turn hard to starboard.

Have you got Willie yet?” Jack yelled toward the companionway as he nervously swiveled his head in search of Island Time, and the source of the explosions.

Not yet!” Linda replied. “Wait... Yes! I've got him... He says there's a large contact on radar just over the horizon... Due south!”

Dammit!” Jack cursed. “They got us bottled up! Shit!”

He pulled up the local chart in his mind, and a second later he yelled “Hold on tight, I'm coming about!

Jack spun the helm hard over, not backing off the throttle. First Watch heeled hard against the turn, dipping her rail into the sea. Another explosion erupted just 50 yards off the port quarter. As he eased out of the turn, he shouted “Tell Willie to make for South Bluff!”

He seized his binoculars and scanned the southern horizon, now off his port side. A gray smudge of smoke, most likely from a ship running hard, was just barely visible. He swung his gaze toward the scrambling flotilla and his eye caught the churning froth of whitewater off the crew boat's stern. Looking forward, he saw a shower of sparks from two men furiously grinding on the anchor cable. Her anchor was fouled and they couldn't retrieve it. Then, to Jack's horror, he saw the boat explode. He watched helplessly as the two men on the bow were hurled through the air like rag dolls, amongst a cloud of fire, shrapnel, and debris.

Jack threw the binoculars down, and made what he knew was a futile attempt to jam the throttle down further. The little engine was already on the pin, running wide open. Linda climbed up to the cockpit, and heaved great sobs when she saw the burning wreckage.

No time” Jack said. “Did Willie get the message?”

Y... Yes.”

Good. Get below and stay there. Be ready for hard turns.”

She paused for a moment, with a look of horror on her face, then disappeared into the cabin. Jack realized the look he had on his own face was one of murder. He felt the muscles in his forehead contorted in a way they'd never been before. His eyes were narrow slits, and his jaw was tightly clenched, causing the muscles to protrude and ripple. But he didn't change it, because murder was exactly what he had in mind. He wanted to make those who killed his friends suffer. He wanted to torture them unmercifully, then tear their throats out with his bare hands. It was the first time he ever wanted to kill. Not for revenge, but in cold blood.


  1. Holy cow, it's heating up in a hurry!!
    Got quite a way with words there, Mayberry! Blood pressure jumped several points, I'm sure!!
    Great story!!

  2. Great addition MayBerry!



  3. nuthin' like writing when yer really pissed.

  4. Granny B, Thank you!

    S4r, you too!

    Anon, I wasn't pissed...