Monday, April 11, 2011

Would You Subscribe?

Computersaurus Rex is dying. My monitor recently took a dump. My pay is frozen, in light of the inflation we're all experiencing in food and fuel. My internet provider jacked up the price, as well as many other bills I pay.

My question is simple: Would you subscribe to my story? Of course, if I had subscribers I'd write more. It's getting to the point that I won't be able to write at all soon. The price of life has exceeded my ability to pay for it. So let me know, because soon I'll be unable to keep posting...


  1. Hay Mayberry, I would it I could afford it. How mush? would 10 or 20 help?

    I am in the same boat, but I can keep the net and lights on so what the hay!


  2. I think I would subscribe, I like both the story lines you have going. I have to guess at some of the nautical goings even though I have been fasinated by sea tales since I was young. I can relate to the traveling by foot story easier though and it's problems.

  3. got an address or box number to send something to you?


  4. S4r, I'm thinking 12 bucks for a year.

    TjbbpgobIII, thanks! I do have a nautical term post along with that story...

    Wildflower, shoot me an e-mail and I'll send it to ya. ccavanau at stx dot rr dot com.

  5. Hey Mayberry! Would certainly subscribe! Would prefer to send directly if you'll send me an address.

    Had to actually evac the place last Saturday due to wildfire coming within a mile of us. Several homes and other buildings were lost. Not as bad as the Ft. Davis fire, but no fun watching a 20' tall wall of flame coming across the horizon!!!

    Hope lots of folks come through for ya!

  6. will try to e mail via a friend of sorts; oh geez hope it don't vaporize you in response

  7. Granny, yikes! Stay safe out there! Thanks.

    Anon (Wildflower I presume) I'll let you know if I get vaporized : )

  8. I don't do credit cards, but I have PayPal, so if you can do that, sign me up. In fact, the reason that I started reading your blog(s) is your story.

    And please stay the h*ll away from Amazon: again, I refuse to use a credit card, and Amazon gift cards aren't available here in Florida. No, I have no effing idea why that is.