Tuesday, June 28, 2011

May 20, 2012

9:00 P.M. What a day. We spent nearly six hours trying to clear the bridge over the river. For some reason, bridges always seem to hold the worst traffic congestion. The winch on the front of our deuce and a half got a real workout today...

After moving about a half dozen cars and trucks, we had an eighteen wheeler strung out across both lanes. I released the trailer from the hitch and dragged it off to the side of the road. Then I just pushed the tractor with our truck, and finally had a clear path across the bridge.

After all that, we pulled in to a parking area near the base of the bridge, right along the river, to camp for the night. I helped Josey down from the cab and we headed for the camper. Once inside, she insisted on making dinner. I told her she should sit down, but she would have none of it. That woman has the fire in her belly, that's for sure.

While she went about making dinner, Kevin and I took a little stroll by the river. One striking thing we noticed is just how quickly mother nature is reclaiming the landscape. Vines are growing up the bridge columns. Nearby buildings are almost completely hidden by vegetation. Even the highway itself is becoming overgrown as plants take root in the cracks, and the shoulders slowly disappear under the overgrowth. Low hanging tree limbs are starting to be a problem, especially on the side roads.

We saw a few deer drinking from the river nearby, but we left them be. There is still plenty of beef left in the freezer for us, and not enough room to put up more meat. Some fish would be nice, but we have no poles or tackle. Something to keep an eye out for as we travel I suppose.

Josey whipped up a wonderful meal. She baked a loaf of bread, and a delicious beef stew. The bread was so good. Something none of us have had in a long, long time. After we ate, we went outside and built a fire. There was a few cold beers in the refrigerator, so we each had one. It almost felt like we were simply out on a camping excursion, and for the first time in a long while, we actually enjoyed ourselves. What a welcome treat. After all the hell we've been through, it's about time we had some enjoyment out of life. I hope we get more...


  1. Thanks Mayberry, you have found your calling!


  2. Thanks to both of you. I try as best I can...

  3. So when can we look for this in print? :) I've read a couple "diary" type stories - but this one's the best thus far.

  4. Thanks! Print? I'm thinking of publishing it online when it's finished. Between work and other projects, that might be a while...

  5. Better hurry long now...
    Soon it may not be possible.

    Ya wouldn't want me stealing a boat over in St. Pete after the big one comes. Just ta get the rest of the story, now would ya ? Damn, ah hates not ta finish a good read....

  6. Ha ha! C'mon over, the water's nice and the fishing is great : )