Saturday, July 9, 2011

May 21, 2012

7:30 A.M. We were just about to get moving when something caught my eye. A flash of light in the sky, like sunlight reflecting off of glass or  polished metal. I jumped out of the truck and ran to the trailer for my binoculars, but by the time I got them the flash was gone. Kevin saw it too, so I know I wasn't seeing things. It was at a very high altitude. There was no contrail. Looks like we'll have to keep watch on the sky as we travel...

1:00 P.M. The roads are becoming more congested as we travel further north. Twice this morning we had to detour around stretches that were completely impassable. I'm really glad we found this truck, it looks like we'll be needing it. The Scout would never have made it through some of the paths we took. That massive front bumper has come in very handy for shoving cars out of the way. We're coming up on another river crossing, the Susquehanna. Looking at the map, I think it would be wise to jog east a bit, and avoid Harrisburg. The bridges there are probably a mess.

2:45 P.M. We saw it again, all three of us. Very high up, sunlight reflecting off of glass or metal. Binoculars did nothing more than magnify the light, couldn't make out what the thing was. I think it must be a military aircraft, something they had hidden away somewhere safe from the solar flare that fried everything. Tucked away in some hangar under a mountain or something. We need to alter our strategy...

5:30 P.M. We parked the truck in a dense stand of trees near... whatever town this is, didn't bother to notice. What we did notice was a large military surplus store. We all got camo and several pair of boots. One of those camouflage nets, big enough to cover the truck. Some tools and knives. An army tent, and cots. As nice as the trailer is to have, it is now a liability. So is a fire engine red truck. The several gallons of olive drab paint we found will remedy that situation.

We're spending one last night here in the trailer as we transfer gear and supplies into the truck. No more open fires, we'll have to cook on the camp stove.

It's one thing to be on watch for someone on the ground, which we have been, but aircraft are an entirely different thing. Depending on what sort of electronic wizardry they have aboard, there may be no hiding from them. We're in a whole new ball game.

10:30 P.M. Been watching the sky, and the surrounding mountains since we finished painting the truck under the camo netting. None of us has seen anything, but we're all on edge. Kevin even painted Josey's aluminum crutches olive drab, for fear they might reflect sunlight and give us away, like the aircraft. Good thinking on his part...

While watching the sky I also pondered over what that airplane might be doing up there. Are they looking for people? What will they do if they find us? Will we wind up in another prison, like the one I escaped from? Maybe the biggest question: how many of them are there? And where are they? I won't be getting much sleep tonight.


  1. Thanks Mayberry. BTW - the boat is looking good!


  2. The plot thickens... :)

    Can't wait for the next installment!