Wednesday, June 9, 2010

March 18, 2012

Woke up early this morning, right at sun-up. You'd never know anything had happened. The birds were singing, squirrels running this way and that. I gathered up all the canned food and loaded it into the Blazer. Should be a month's worth at least if I don't pig out. Also found two cases of bottled water, a 12 pack of iced tea in cans, and glory be, a bottle of George Dickel! Bless you Uncle.

I rummaged around in the shed and found a 5 gallon fuel jug, which I also tossed in the Blazer, a tool kit, a machete, bow saw and extra blade, an ax, charcoal lighter fluid, ten boxes of strike anywhere matches, a Coleman stove, and three bottles of propane for it. So I tossed a pot, frying pan, and some utensils in with the rest of the stuff.

I hate to leave here, but I can't stay. If my Uncle was alive, he'd be here. He's not. No point in staying then.

The question is: where to go? I think I will try to find the power plant. There are some high lines at the north end of the lake, I know because we went fishing there. I also know that I can take the back roads there, they should be pretty clear.

10:30 AM. Two hours, and 4 downed tree limbs later, I've found the high lines. Now which way? I've got a 50/50 chance....

12:00 PM. Stopped for lunch, cold soup in a can. Following the high lines has been tricky, but I've managed to keep them in sight most of the time. I hope I'm going the right way....

2:45 PM. I've come to a junction in the high lines. There's a substation. The high lines continue on, and another set taps off from the east, then dog-legs to the south east. This may be what I'm looking for.

4:30 PM. I found the power plant. It doesn't appear to be running, though it was not too long ago I suppose, though I don't know how. There's still steam coming out here and there. It is awfully quiet. I hooked the chain to the gate and the Blazer and pulled it down and out of the way. Inside the plant grounds, I found the body of one operator. Or what's left of it.

Surprisingly, I've seen several bodies of soldiers here as well, along with military vehicles. Whether they were National Guard, or regular Army I don't know. There is what appears to have been an officer in the control room, along with two more dead plant operators, and someone who might have been a manager or supervisor. Very strange... But now I see how the plant was still running, it's old. No electronic control systems. All mechanical dials, and pneumatic controls. I'm amazed it stayed running on it's own for as long as it did without any human input. It's a testament to dedicated maintenance and tuning I guess...

As a side note, I'm becoming numb to seeing the bodies. At first they made me sick to my stomach. I threw up several times last week. They don't seem to bother me now, and that worries me a bit.

Now what? Where to go. I can go any direction, but I haven't a clue as to which way I should go. What I do know is that I'm going to gather up the rifles and side arms from those soldiers, and whatever ammunition they have. I've got 500 rounds for the SKS, and about the same for my shotgun, but I think I'd better get what I can, when I can.

6:20 PM. I decided to head east. No particular reason. Found a small country store, and helped myself to the few cans of food that were left inside. Said a small prayer of thanks for the clerk who had died behind the counter. I'm sad to say that she hadn't died of the disease like the rest, she had been shot in the head. May she rest in peace....

7:15 PM. Pulled into a small campground for the night. There's a nice camper here, small and light, fairly new. What the hell, I might as well take it with me. Nobody is inside. Time for dinner and bed.