Saturday, June 19, 2010

March 20, 2012

I woke this morning to the birds singing. It was almost deafening compared to the new quiet that has taken over the world. No airplanes, no traffic noise, none of the background hum of human activity that I had become accustomed to. Starting the Blazer these days is almost like setting off dynamite.

I filled my water tank and containers from the farmer's well this morning. It was not quite foggy, just that "morning mist" in the air, and it felt really strange. The air was still. All I heard was the birds, and the cows mooing in the distance. The occasional dog bark here and there. It's just too quiet.

The farm house was unlocked, so I decided to go inside to see if there was anything there I might need. Nothing much, really, but I did find an antique radio. The kind with vacuum tubes in it. I got no idea how I might power it up, but I put it in the Blazer just the same. I would really like to hear another human voice...

It's time to move on now, I've got to keep going. Sitting around will drive me insane. I see a diesel tank next to the barn, so I will top off my tank and go.

10:45 AM. Passing a row of houses along this country road, I thought I spotted some movement. I stopped, and looked around. Waiting. Hoping that I had seen someone. Nothing... Must have been my imagination.

12:00 PM. Stopped just shy of a small town to eat lunch. Chef Boyardee. I am getting tired of eating from a can. I would kill for some fresh meat or veggies. Maybe I will. Saw several deer along the road this morning. I know most of it would go to waste if I did kill one, but does it really matter now? Besides, the dogs and coyotes would finish it off I'm sure. Maybe I will shoot one.

1:30 PM. Eureka! I spotted a vegetable garden in a back yard. There was lettuce, cucumbers, radishes, carrots, and onions there. Lots. I washed the dirt off and ate three carrots right then and there. The rest I put in a laundry basket that was sitting on the back porch near the clothes line and loaded them in the Blazer. Fresh vegetables for the next few days.

6:30 PM. Decided to stop here in this gas station parking lot for the night. The place was pretty well looted out, but I did score three bags of beef jerky that had fallen behind a shelf (in the commotion, I imagine), and a couple candy bars. Interestingly, the beer cooler was about half full, as was a wine rack. Guess the looters only wanted food. I grabbed a twelve pack of beer and a couple bottles of wine. What the hell, might as well have a little something to take the edge off of me in the evenings. Those are the worst times, the evenings after I eat dinner. The silence and darkness is overwhelming. Many evenings I just sit, holding my rifle. I can hear the dogs, coyotes, and whatnot moving around in the blackness, and it makes me nervous. their footsteps, which might be 50 yards away or more, sound like they're right on top of me. I never realized just how dark the night was with no electric lights. Takes some getting used to.

Anyway, I shot a rabbit that was in the grass next to the gas station. Cleaned him and roasted him. There was charcoal in the gas station, and a grill in the camper. Sauteed up some onions and carrots in olive oil on the propane stove in the camper, and made a salad too. Tossed some olive oil on that as well. Pretty damn good eats after canned stuff for so long. Oh, the camper had a pretty good spice selection in it, and I seasoned that rabbit up good. Delicious! I think I will sleep well tonight after such a good meal.


  1. Good job Mayberry! Thanks for writing this. I really enjoy the story and the break fro the mess...

    Take care