Friday, May 27, 2011

A Little Something Different

Pete, thank you for your subscription!

Here's a little something different. It struck me as I was mulling over Captain Jack's next installment...

Soul Upon the Sea

It is a bent and tortured soul
Who stands along the shore
Staring out across the sea
But wanting something more

A heaving hull with wind in sail
Afloat upon the tide
Serenity and inner peace
Such articles provide

A bearing plucked from heart's delight
And plotted on the chart
Sets the course for Freedom's Keep
And longing to depart

Within the mind, the vessel plies
Through stormy froth and rain
Riding high on raging sea
Safe harbor to attain

For now the body stands ashore
Fixed with what might be
But in the offing, there resides
A soul upon the sea

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