Friday, May 27, 2011

May 17, 2012

6:30 A.M. Josey woke for the first time since the accident completely coherent and without fever. She's in good spirits, considering. I fixed us some breakfast while Kevin was out looking for some "protein on the hoof", then tended to her dressings. The wound is healing very nicely, much to my relief. I gave her another round of pain relief and antibiotic, and she soon fell asleep. But not before asking me to come close, and wrapping her arms around me while planting a long kiss on my lips...

10:00 A.M. When I said "protein on the hoof" I'd no idea it was prophetic! Kevin bagged a calf. He dragged it half way back to the trailer before dropping it and returning for my help. Being from the "work smarter, not harder" camp, I suggested we pile into the Scout and retrieve the calf with a little mechanical assistance.

1:30 P.M. We got calf... The 'fridge and freezer are packed full of veal, which is more than a good thing. What wouldn't fit, we tossed into a makeshift smoker which is puffing away as I write. What wouldn't fit in the smoker, we dragged off into the woods for the dogs to gnaw on. That should keep them occupied for a few days, until Josey is well enough to travel a bit.Which should be very soon. She was up again half an hour ago; hungry, thirsty, bright eyed, and bushy tailed.

10:15 P.M. Josey is doing very well. She absolutely devoured a good sized veal steak, canned veggies, and some cornbread from a pouch. She drank more water than she'd had in the last five days combined. Which led to a new "problem". She had to go...

Carefully I sat her up, then sat down beside her. I put her arm around me, and Kevin took her other arm. We picked her up and carried her the short distance to the rest room door. It isn't wide enough for all of us to pass through, so I left Kevin to help her the rest of the way.

Without getting into too much detail, everything came out okay. Which was a great relief. Puns absolutely intended! It sure feels good to be able to joke a bit about what has been the most nerve wracking experience of my life, one which I never wish to repeat.

Tomorrow it looks like we'll be able to move on a bit. Though slowly, I'm sure Josey won't be able to handle too many hard bumps. I've had a broken leg before, and I remember the pain from bouncing down old country roads on the way to a doctor appointment. I can only imagine Josey's pain is much worse...

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  1. Good job Mayberry!

    Thanks for writing these stories. Just as soon as I get back to work I will be making my contribution!


  2. Thanks! Take yer time, whenever ya got the bread...